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Herein lies the journal entry of my Changeling character, please pay no mind. You can read it if you want to.



Slept in a little, which was nice. Woke up around 9am and had a little breakfast. Hanging Jenny's memorial is tomorrow, but I didn't have anything really appropriate to wear, and no time to make anything either. I had to go out and buy clothes, and that was quite the trip. I managed to find something acceptable in the end, thank goodness. Came home and had some lunch, then wrote this up. I should work on some of the leads. Maybe I can find that courtless who ran.


Oh my goodness! I. I. Oh, I will just have to start from the beginning because if I lose it now, I will never get it all down. After lunch I called Orpheus and asked if he knew anything about the courtless changeling. In a stroke of luck he and his motley were the ones the Summer King asked to help him settle back into the world. Orpheus said his name started with a K, but he couldn't really remember the rest. He did remember the address of the apartment they had gotten for him. Apparently K had vanished after they had set him up - he had been rude and ungrateful to start with, from what Orpheus said. He also offered to help out if I needed it, or to provide muscle since the apartment was on the other side of the river, what with the idiot separatists. I thanked him, and told him that I would take him up on that if the others were busy. Then I called Donovan, and he was happy to come investigate with me. Juan was in a mood, however, and wanted to know if I wanted him along personally. In retrospect, I should have seen later events coming based on his behavior now, but really, he and Donovan are like a pair of little boys sometimes, always teasing and shoving. I told Juan it would be nice if he came along, and so Donovan said they would be by to pick me up shortly. When they arrived they had Emilie with them as well - she was evidently at loose ends today as well. We shared our knowledge, and decided on a course of action. We would check the address first, and if that didn't lead anywhere we would try the goblin market, as that is what my visions seemed to be indicating would be a good place to look. We had barely crossed the river when we were cut off by a pair of the misguided Scarlet band. They were rude and Donovan and then myself lost our tempers. It was not something I think I want to talk about, but it was so infuriating! They are playing into the Keepers' hands by doing what they are doing! It's stupid and reckless and will get us all killed if we don't run!

I'm sorry. I shouldn't get angry about it, it will not help anything. So they delivered their warning that we have 60 hours, and then the north side of the river is closed to us. Fine. We resumed our journey to the apartment complex.

Now we come to the embarrassing bits. I shall do my best to recount them as accurately as possible. It was a clever ploy, if mortifying. So we arrive at the apartment office, and Donovan and Emilie tell the manager that they're trying to find a friend of theirs who had an apartment there. She said that she remembered him as Kurt, and that he had returned his key, but not paid his fees and she would be interested in finding him herself. She also said that she thought she had seen him leaving the apartment once or twice but could never find him or find any sign on him in the apartment itself. Then Donovan asked if we could see the apartment, as we were looking for a new place to live. I nodded in agreement, as this was true, if not accurate, at the moment. The manager, Angie, looked skeptical as she said the apartment was an economy and would not house 4 people. Emile said it was for "Those two" and jerked her head in the direction of the rest of us. And then, faster than I could blink, Juan had his arm around my waist and smiled and I nearly died. Oh dear, even thinking about it makes my face flush! I had to play along, or at least not shake him off if we were to have any chance of getting what we wanted, but oh goodness. Angie nattered on about young love, and weren't we adorable and Juan nodded and smiled and I could do little more than hide my face against his side. She was delighted to show us the apartment then. And then! And then! Oh dear, I need a cup of tea to get me through recounting the next part. And then at the door to the apartment, Juan says "Hang on, I need some practice," and sweeps me up in his arms and carries me over the threshold! I started smacking him ineffectually instinctively and to cover the way my heart wobbled when he did that.

I will be honest, there is a part of me that wishes that that was real, that he had honorable intentions, and that I would have someone to take care of me. I know it is no-longer the done thing for a woman to marry a man for security's sake, but I want it anyway. He might not be handsome, but he is sweet, in his way. The world is so different now, what I percive as courting is likely nothing but friendliness now. I should not let that affect me. Regardless, that is just wishful thinking and woolgathering. Back to the events of the day.

So Juan sweeps me into the apartment and sets me down, and moves in such a way that he blocks me from the view of Angie and gave the appearnace that he was going to kiss me. In a whisper he asked if I remembered the number for the office here, and of course I did. I nodded and he told me to have Emilie call it. Donovan, ever perceptive of his partner's intentions, began to ask Angie questions to further distract her, and they herded her into the bedroom with questions about closets and termites and other mundane matters. I whispered to Emilie the instructions and she played her part beautifully. Angie rushed out to answer the phone, and the others looked to me for a kenning to see if he was using this place still. Not only had he used a gate in the apartment before, there was a currently active one here as well! We scattered, looking for it. I found it in the doorway to the storage closet on his balcony. Juan did what he normally does, and placed himself, gently, between me and the unknown dangers in the Hedge. We decided our best bet was to go in after him and see what we could find.
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